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Red Sox, Lowell close to a deal

According to ESPN, the Red Sox and Mike Lowell are close to finalizing a three-year, $37.5 million contract.

The terms of the deal aren't surprising, but it was assumed that Lowell would have to leave money on the table if he was going to stay with the Red Sox. Now it looks like Boston's offer was the best he received. We're still skeptical that he'll be worth it, but it'll go down as one of the most reasonable contracts of the winter.

--Rotoworld, 11/19/07

Both parties must see that this deal makes a lot of sense. Mike Lowell is a big part of the team and the clubhouse, and Fenway is a perfect fit for his swing.

By the end of a 3-year contract Mike Lowell will be a 37-year old 3B. Even for one as defensively gifted as Lowell, I start to wonder what sort of player he'll be when the deal ends.

I'm sure that there were teams out there willing to do more years at less per annum, but I think the Red Sox are willing to make the most complete deal for Mike Lowell.

$12.5 M per year is a lot to pay for a gap-power, pull-swing 34-year old, but the Red Sox don't have many other, decent options. Fortunately, being a wealthy team pays off in circumstances like this. A good comparison might be the contract that the NYY offered to Mariano Rivera. The Wanks need Mo right now, even if he's not performing at a $15 M level.

All that aside, Mike Lowell is a player I respect and can root for wholeheartedly. I'd be happy to have him back.

Curt Schilling pitches in his thoughts in a post titled "SWEET!":

Per ESPN Mikey Lowell is back. How cool is that? Leaving years and dollars on the table to come back here for three more years, good stuff. Pretty nice to think you are fans in a town that is now a desired destination for athletes across the major sports. Come a long way for sure.

Congrats to Mike and I’ve already spoken with a few guys on the team and suffice to say we’re all ectstatic. Now to get back to the FF beatings he’s been taking all year!