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More Bonds backlash - Bill Plaschke Style

Bill Plaschke, one of today's great columnists, wrote an excellent piece regarding Bonds and the "cloud" that has been casted over baseball.

He wrote the 1919 World Series was a huge stain on baseball, but the sport was resurrected by a slugger named Babe Ruth. Who can do the same in this case? Alex Rodriguez? Maybe not.

The 1919 World Series placed baseball in such a hole, it took the mighty Babe Ruth to save it.

Is anyone strong enough to save it now?

Today you will read that Alex Rodriguez, with his "noble" effort to remain with the New York Yankees for a quarter-billion dollars, will play the part of Ruth.

He will eventually break Bonds' record. He will make us believe in the integrity of the game's majesty again.

Not so fast. You are assuming Rodriguez is clean. Until baseball can test for human growth hormone, can we assume anyone is clean?

Rodriguez flicks home runs like McGwire once flicked home runs. Rodriguez controls the plate like Bonds once controlled the plate. Rodriguez grows larger every year like, well, like all of baseball once grew larger every year.

There are no accusations here. There are only observations that Bonds' indictment can now, sadly, allow us to have about everyone.

I've always questioned if A-Rod is clean or not. Personally, I don't think he is. There is no evidence to disprove that, but that is just my opinion. This isn't a case of "Red Sox vs. Yankees," either. It has nothing to do with what hat he wears. I just have a lot of questions about A-Rod that I hope are answered.