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Fenway to add restaurant, LED scoreboards

The new-looking Extra Bases has the skinny on all the improvements to Fenway Park this winter:

In addition, new, linear scoreboards will line portions of the EMC level fascia. The LED technology gives full color, clear information regarding the batter, the pitcher, the count, and other key game information. This improvement will help fans with compromised views of the scoreboards in center field and left field.

Bleacher Bar & Grill, a year-round restaurant in center field, is scheduled to open at the start of the 2008 season. Beneath the bleachers that previously sat atop the visitors' batting cages, it will open onto Lansdowne Street, with a view into the ballpark as well.

Sounds like Fenway is becoming a little more modern. I personally like the changes, as long as Fenway doesn't eventually turn into an amusement park.