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Sox, A's start '08 in Japan

It's official: The Red Sox and A's will be in Japan to start the 2008 MLB season:

The five days of festivities include regular-season games between the two clubs on March 25 and 26, exhibition day-night doubleheaders against Nippon Professional Baseball teams on March 22 and 23, and an off-day workout sandwiched in between on March 24.

The announcement coincided with the owners gathering for their final quarterly meetings of the year on Wednesday and Thursday at a local resort hotel.

I think this will be really exciting. I'm interested to see how Japan responds to the World Champion Red Sox. But I've got to mention Dice-K. He is going to get mobbed out there. It'll be a love fest when he steps out on the field. Which brings up another question: should Dice-K start that game? I think he should.

The downside to this is jetlag. How will the flight effect the Sox? I think it could really do a number for them trying to adjust afterwards. Let's just hope it's an easy flight.