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Couple things I've been thinking about. (Edited)

  • Yankees offer Rivera 3/$45
    ...he's also yet to accept. I'm guessing he might be entertaining the idea that three things will happen.

    1. A contender wants him to close for them.

    2. Said contender wants to sign an almost 38 year old for 4 years.

    3. Said contender also wants to give him more $ per season.

    Personally, I don't think he's going to see either 2 or 3 happen. In short, I'm [censored] confused about why he hasn't signed yet.

  • Celtics are doing well.
    It's been like, 37-38 years since a non-Bruins sports team from New England has lost a game. Yikes. They've got me hooked, and I haven't followed the Celts since Reggie Lewis died.

[editor's note, by Allen Chace] Randy beat me to the Tokyo announcement, below this post.