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MLB News: What they're saying around the league.

  • "As it turns out, we hadn't originally given him enough $$ to bring his bat with him."
    -Giants' GM Brian Sabean, when asked why he gave Omar 62 OPS minus Vizquel a $1.5M raise over his 2007 salary.
  • "Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching"
    -Free agent closer Francisco Cordero after hearing about the 1 year, $7M contract given to Todd 'lil Borowski' Jones.
  • "What? Of course defense is important...oooh. Home run. Pretty."
    -BBWAA, after being asked to defend choosing Ryan Braun over Troy Tulalphabet for NL RoY.
  • "Your first-born child. And an arm and a leg to be named later."
    -Marlins' GM Larry Beinfest, when asked about the price of 3B/buffet destroyer Miguel Cabrera in a trade.
  • "Hahahahahahaha"
    -Phillies RP J.C. Romero, overheard on his way to the bank earlier this week.