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Mike Lowell "yearing" himself out of Boston?; Dustin Pedroia = one tough SOB

  • Lowell's agents are smrt.
    Yet another example of why I'm not sure all athletes need agents. "Lowell's side believes four years (at approximately $56 million) is attainable in the open market." Well, [censored]. I could've told you that Lowell. I could also tell you that it's possible a team out there will go 5/$70M. But one of your agents will probably leak the news on that possibility soon. all seriousness, it's not looking good for those in the "bring Lowell back no matter what"-camp.
  • Dustin Pedroia: ouchie.
    I can't really imagine how painful it must be playing with a broken bone in your hand. I played baseball once with what I termed "bruised intangibles". Hurt like hell people. Anyway, it looks like the surgery went well, and our 2B/source of extreme annoyance to other teams should be ready to go in ST.
I've been thinking a lot about this lately, and I really don't think we're going to enter the season with Chris Carter as our everyday 1B. I've yet to see that particular sentiment voiced by anyone in the Sox FO, and even if it was, it would ring hollow in the same way as past statements like "We're comfortable with Alex Cora as our starting SS." or "We're comfortable with Adam Stern as our starting CF" or "Jose Offerman is an excellent replacement for Mo Vaughn."