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The ALCS. It Starts...Friday. At Fenway. With this guy.

Josh Beckett will be there. So you damn well better be watching.
(Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Only three more days until we host C.C. Sabathia and the rest of that team from Cleveland, who were able to knock out the "revitalized" Yankees on Monday.

In the meantime...

Get acquainted with our newest bestest buddies from Cleveland. In a nutshell: This is a team that placed 6th in the AL in scoring runs at 811, and whose pitching finished 3rd in the AL at preventing runs with 704. You've seen their aces at work against the Yankees, especially the excellent performance from Fausto Carmona in Game 2. Two great setup men (Rafaels Betancourt and Perez) with a couple other good pieces in their pen, leading up to their closer (How do you spell relief? No really, I need some f'ing Rolaids): Joe Borowski.

Let's Go Tribe is the SBN blog of the Indians, run by Jay and Ryan. They do a great job over there, and it'd certainly be worth your time to check it out and see what Indians' fans feel are their strengths and weaknesses heading in. Congratulations on their reaching the ALCS is encouraged. Trolling, as always, is not.

I'll probably be putting up a position by position analysis (whether BOS starters vs. CLE starters or just educational about the CLE starters, I haven't decided) in the next coupla days.

With the great pitching on both sides, this could be an excellent series full of close games. Look forward to it. There's only ONE October. Except for the one last year. And next year. And. Jeezus.