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Schilling to start game 2: the right decision

Extra Bases:

Terry Francona just announced that Curt Schilling will be pitching in Game 2 against the Indians, with Daisuke Matsuzaka pitching in Game 3. Josh Beckett will, of course, go in the first game of the series.

Tim Wakefield is the hope for Game 4, though that could all depend on how his back/shoulder feels over the next few days. He and Jon Lester are both expected to throw today, moved up from tomorrow because of weather concerns.

Good move, Terry. This was definitely the only way the Sox could have gone. Schilling was amazing in his ALDS game three outing versus the Angels. I don't see him losing that kind of 'stuff' for the rest of the post-season.

Schilling is an amazing big game pitcher that can win games just by being prepared and hitting his spots. He's one of those classic veteran pitchers that doesn't have the stuff to blow you away all the time (like Josh Beckett and Daisuke Matsuzaka do), but can beat you any other way.

This means if it's a long series, Beckett and Schilling will definitely pitch two games each. If we need to face Sabathia and Carmona four times, then Beckett and Schill are the guys we want to oppose them.

What about the fourth starter, though? Should it be Wakefield or Lester? Or does Julian Tavarez sound tempting to anyone?