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While the Sox wait, Randy needs your help

A couple weeks back I received an e-mail about a scholarship for college students who blog. I was intrigued, so I kept an eye on it. I entered my information the day it was due and received a polite e-mail this morning:

I'm a top 20 finalist.

Now I really need your help. The reason I was selected is because Over The Monster is an amazing community-oriented website. You, the readers, drive this website. Not me, nor Allen. I need votes to win this thing though, and anyone can vote.

Please, if you enjoy this website (or me ;)), head over to the following website and give me a vote. No registration required or anything. Just click my name (do I need to repeat it? I will anyway: RANDY BOOTH) and help me out.

To vote, click this link or the following image: hip/


Thank you!