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Game Story: Sox Sweep Angels!

Not the type of medical help the ailing Angels were looking for.

Let's be honest kids. In a game that was clearly a battle of wits and cojones with Dr. Curtly, is there any chance someone with the last name Weaver could've won? No? Good, we're agreed then. Say what you will about the man's politics or decisions to speak sometimes, but he's absolutely balls-out in these situations.

While Schill was doing his thing, Papi and "Being" did theirs: hitting HRs. They put up back-to-back jacks in the 4th inning to give the Sox a 2-0 lead that they'd never relinquish.

After Schilling left in the 7th, the Sox decided to provide some cushion for the 'pen. A Lugo BB, DP 2B, Youks SF, Papi 1B, "Being" BB (replaced by Yagoboy), Lowell 2B, Drew FC, 'Tek 2B, Crisp 1B later, the game had been broken open to a 9-0 score.

Eric Gagne came in to finish off the game, and proved why he's such a trusted man for those 9-run leads. 9-1 Final, and your Red Sox will begin the ALCS at Fenway on Friday.

Oh what. Do you want a celebration photo or something?

AP photo

(Yoouk has a mad scientist thing going on)
Reuters photo

(Thanks to the Angels for cleaning up this mess)
AP photo

Globe staff photo by Jim Davis