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ALDS Game Two, 10/6/07: Manny Ramirez is a bad, bad man

Source: AP

Manny Ramirez hit that ball harder than Angels fans with their liquor.

To put it in its simplest terms, a fastball middle-in turned into a home run really-gone. Really, really gone. I'm pretty sure it left a dent in New Hampshire.

Walk-off home runs are fun, aren't they? Maybe we should do that every time, huh?

I'm tempted to use the "c" word, but I'm not going to. It doesn't have to be said. Manny just did his job and delivered when it mattered most. David Ortiz walked in front of him four times and Manny finally made the Angels pay.

Seriously, do they think they can take advantage of Manny every single time? Manny had to do it at one point or another. It just happened to be the sweetest way possible.

I'm just still in shock over this game. Manny is a great player but I didn't think he'd hit a walk-off home run to put the Sox up 2-0. It was possible, of course, I just didn't think it'd pan out that way. I was more waiting for a walk or something, setting up *Mike Lowell* for the bases loaded. But, like Manny does all the time, he surprised me and the rest of Red Sox Nation.

I love everything about Manny. He's just a quiet slugger that goes along his business every day. He has a really bad perception from some fans and media types, but he does what every other professional athlete, not just baseball player, should do: stay quiet and do their job well. He does that every day. It'd be one thing if Manny didn't hustle, didn't hit, and got into trouble off the field. But that is never the case. He just plays the game and really loves to play the game. I think that goes overlooked by fans because Manny never speaks to the media. It doesn't take away the fact he's a model ballplayer (he does hustle, I tell ya'!).

This is one of those games that will be remembered. One of the moments I won't forget is Manny rounding third base, throwing off his helmet, and exhibiting that seldom-shown ear-to-ear smile. I think the last time I saw that smile, actually, was in 2004 when he was holding up his Most Valuable Player trophy.

With a physically healthy and "in the zone" Manny Ramirez in the lineup, the Red Sox may replicate this game a few more times throughout the post-season. One thing's for sure: every manager will have think twice about walking Papi to get to Manny from now on.

Meanwhile, alcohol poisoning is at a historic high tonight in Los Angeles ... or Anaheim. I'm not quite sure...