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Schilling reflects on new-found Free Agency

For the first time ever, Curt Schilling is a free agent:

Filing for free agency is weird. I never knew or thought about how it happened. Representing myself I rounded up the legal details and figured out exactly how it works. For the next 15 days I can speak with other teams, and they can contact me, but no details can be discussed. They can only express interest. For the next 15 days the team that remains my first choice, the Sox, have exclusive rights. I guess I'll find out how closely teams follow rules ...

It'll be interesting to see how Schilling handles all of the negotiations. I wonder if Theo Epstein & Co. will approach the deal differently considering Schilling is representing himself. I don't think the Sox will low-ball him, but I don't think they'll be especially wowing him either.

What does everyone think? Will the Red Sox re-sign Schilling? Answer the poll and leave a comment!


Will the Sox re-sign Schilling?

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