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Allen rambles, says thank you.

Words cannot begin to describe how I feel right now, over 24 hours later.

This team, this manager, and this organization have given us fans so much to be excited about and proud of this year.

And personally, I want to say thank you.

Thank you, Red Sox, for giving us a second WS title in four years.

Thanks also to everyone here at OTM. It's been a great year, and my first experience with blogging, well, ever. Everyone here has made that something I look forward to spending far too much time on each day.


Don't worry. We ain't goin nowhere. I'll be highly disappointed to not find something from Randy (in attendance) about the parade at some point tomorrow (btw, any reports from others there are much more than welcome), and we'll definitely need to get back to the business of offseason baseball. A few major moves already made, though spending any front page time on those would simply take away from a victory that is meant to be celebrated for at least a little while by itself.

Those who've found us for the first time recently, make sure to stick around. We've got some plans in the works for the offseason.

So anyway, thanks again for a great year, and thanks to Randy for taking a chance on this "short on experience-long on poor excuses for humor" kid. Also, I guess we can thank him for all the work HE does, right? :)