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Petition to re-sign Mike Lowell

Petitions can do anything these days. It's the 90s, you know? The latest petition is targeted towards Red Sox ownership to re-sign World Series MVP Mike Lowell. I don't know if it's worth the time, but it's worth a shot right?

But let us simply "forget the sabermetrics" and simply look at what makes Mike Lowell so important to Red Sox Nation. He is a quiet, hard-working player who goes day-in and day-out giving it his all without looking for attention. He is a consummate professional and a leader in the clubhouse. Last but not least, he is a class act as a person and as a baseball player.

Red Sox Nation could not see our beloved Fenway Park's third base occupied by anybody else but Mike Lowell. We urge you to re-sign Mike Lowell and the process of doing so your top priority this off-season.

Dan Lamothe has a similiar take as I do. I don't think a petition will effect Theo & Co. because I don't really think it'll be up to them. It'll be up to Lowell himself who will choose between being in Boston or making a lot more money somewhere else. Red Sox ownership knows how much Red Sox Nation loves Lowell, so a petition won't add much to the debate.