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10/03/07: ALDS Game 1 - Red Sox defeat Angels, 4-0

Josh Beckett delivers a pitch in his not-no-hitter, before a backdrop of disappointed fans.

C'mon man. You're better than this.

Oh, okay, are you going to do something uber-classy like blaming your lack of a no-hitter on jet lag or biased umpires? You know that would make you a good sport about things. What, is it that West Coast Bias creeping in? You know these are valid excuses for your poor execution.

I expect better, Josh. We expect better. You know, the sociopathic alcoholic white supremacists over here. How is anyone to believe in the totally not-fake East Coast Bias of umpires if you're not throwing a no-hitter in every game of the playoffs. For shame.

At least a few of our hitters decided to pick you up. Youks and Papi both had two hits with a HR apiece. "Being" reached base twice and scored on a Mike Lowell RBI single.

On the field, Lowell, Coco, and Yagoboy did what they do.

We look forward to Friday, when the hype of Dice-BB takes on Kelvim F'n Escobar. My prediction? Someone will win, and no one (not even an opposing blog) will be a sore loser.