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World Series parade scheduled for Tuesday reports there will be a rolling rally in Boston on Tuesday to celebrate the Red Sox World Series victory:

Boston is planning a victory celebration Tuesday for the world champion Red Sox that will be similar to the "rolling rally" in 2004, with a duck boat parade starting at noon that will carry the team from Fenway Park through the streets of the Back Bay and past the Boston Common and City Hall Plaza.

The parade will pass three jumbo television screens and include a flatbed truck carrying the Dropkick Murphys, the Irish-style punk band whose music has become the soundtrack for the spirited Sox closer -- and step-dancer - Jonathan Papelbon.

The article also says Sox fans are guaranteed to see the Papeljig. Josh Beckett told Jonathan Papelbon he would do the Papeljig if the Sox won the World Series -- get your clogs on, Joshy.

City officials said the parade has been in the works since last week, but nothing was finalized in fear of jinxing the Sox. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said schools will stay in-session for the parade.

(Hat tip to BC14)