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GT: World Series Game II: Electric Boogaloo.

So it all comes down to this. One game. One game for the title.

Wait. Huh? What's that? We didn't win three games in one game last night?

Uh, no [censored] Sherlock. Wait. You say all Red Sox fans have been acting that way? No. Wrong again. The media who picked the Red Sox have been acting that way. Using words like "defeated" and "demolished" and "way dead" to describe the Rockies. Your average Sox fan doesn't use these words. Heck. Check the general opinion of Sox fans. We're not even supposed to know these words.

I must be leaving for work, but first, Sox lineup.

PedRoYa, 2b
Youks, 1b
Papi, dh
"Being", "lf"
Lowell, 3b
Drew, rf
'Tek, c
Ellsbury, cf
Lugo, ss

Rox lineup is not available at this time. I can only assume either A) Miss Amalie Benjamin has not yet seen it, or B) The Rockies are trying to find a way to sneak Vinny Castilla onto the roster.

[update, by NHREDSOX] Rox Lineup

W. Taveras, cf
K. Matsui, 2b
M. Holliday, lf
T. Helton, 1b
G. Atkins, 3b
B. Hawpe, rf
T. Tulowitzki, ss
Y. Torrealba, c
R. Spilborghs, dh

Rockies' talented rookie Ubaldo Jimenez takes the mound against The Big Schill. Jimenez is tough and has good 'stuff'. The key here will be whether or not he has good control, because he's not immune to allowing walks (37 BB/82 IP).

Schilling, as you may have heard from the media, has no real pitches at all, and is surving only on words like "guile" and "finesse". His breaking pitches have no movement, and Jason Varitek only has to call one pitch these days: the guilenessball. Or wait. Some of that might not be correct.

Pre-game reading material: A gem from FJM.

Go Sox. Win.