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Recap: World Series Game 1. Good news. We won!

Josh Beckett was "pretty ok" last night. One down, three to go.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

You know, it got to a point where I started thinking: "save some of this [censored] for tomorrow. I mean, it got a bit out of hand, there's no doubt about that.

13-1? I'll take it. 15 might've been nicer, and made me feel better about y'know, that guy coming in to pitch the 9th.

8 doubles. PedRoYa leading off the Sox half of the first with a HR. 23 baserunners. Eric Hinske entering the game to PK for Papi.

Is it over? Hell no. But it feels pretty good.

Oh yeah, that Josh Beckett fellow? 9 Ks and 7 baserunners over 7 innings pitched. 1 run. And neither Mike Timlin nor TCWSNBN allowed a baserunner, combing for two scoreless innings and 3 Ks.

Get em tonight Schill.