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GT: World Series Game I. Rockies @ Red Sox. (alt: God's Team vs. Evil Chowda Empire)

Lineups, children.


Taveras, cf
Matsui, 2b
Holliday, lf
Helton, 1b
Atkins, "3b"
Hawpe, rf
Tulowitzki, SS!
Torrealba, c
Spilborghs, dh


PedRoYa, 2b
Youks, 1b
Papi, dh
"Being", "lf"
Lowell, OMG3B!11!!
'Tek, c
Drew, rf, GS
Lugo, ss
Yagoboy, cf
  • Don't know what I mean about God's team? Let's just say their philosophy starts from the top. And by the top, I don't mean the GM or owner. I mean this guy. (actually there's a lot of sensationalism in the way this has been reported. The Times article linked seems like a more even-handed portrayal than most.)
  • Interested in the Rockies-centric view of things? Check out Purple Row. And honestly, a lot of other SBN sites.
  • Coverage on Fox begins at 8 EDT. Jeff Francis and Josh Beckett. Some rain in the forecast, so keep an eye on that.