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Schilling, Youkilis break down game seven

A day after the Sox take the American League crown back to Boston, a couple of Sox players give their opinion on how it all went down.

Curt Schilling gives credit where credit is due in his latest post, Rox and Sox 2007 World Series, it's on...:

Congratulations to Josh Beckett, 2007 ALCS MVP. I don't doubt for a second that we don't get here if he doesn't clutch up with arguably the most dominating post season start in my lifetime. So many guys came up huge but the awesome part of this was that I don't think at any time after game 4 did we think about the deficit as anything other than a number.


Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians. Say what you want but that's a hell of a team with a hell of a future. The core of the team is incredibly young and talented and I would imagine they'll be participating in many more October games over the next 5-10 years. Even though their big two had games they'd like to replay, those kids are going to be fine. They'll learn from this and get better. I know CC a bit and he's a kid that gets it and respects the game, he's on the path that if he can stay healthy will most likely end up with a plaque in Cooperstown.

Kevin Youkilis, who batted .500 in the ALCS, wrote that team unity was the key to the Sox erasing the 3-1 series deficit:

It's unbelievable. It's a great feeling to come out here in Game 7 and play so well. I'll tell you what, it was unbelievable for us to win here at home, and a lot of people doubted us, but we didn't doubt ourselves. That's the biggest thing. When you believe in each other, you can go a long way in life.

If you ask me what the key to this series was, it was just sticking together. There's a lot of people that are negative, and there's a lot of people that doubt us, and they want to get on the bandwagon and say we can't do it. You know what? We proved everyone wrong. We did it in 2004 and we did it again now. Maybe one of these days, people will start having a little more faith in us.

Seven wins down, four to go. Go Sox!