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ALCS Game VI: Turning the Boos into Drews.

They weren't waiting for Godot.

Elsa/Getty Images

Well, if there's one way to make your hometown fans almost completely forget about a semi-disappointing season, it's to knock in the first 5 runs in a win or go home game at Fenway.

As it looked to be another bases-loaded situation that would yield little in the way of results, J.D. Drew stepped to the plate and hit a Fausto Carmona offering on a 3-1 count to deep center field. The GS put the Sox ahead 4-0 and ended up giving Curt Schilling, Javier Lopez, and The "Closer" Who Shall Not Be Named more runs than they would need to work with.

My "love" for cliches is well-documented in my other posts and comments here, but if there was ever a time for the words "gutsy outing" it's tonight. The Big Schill looked good in the first and second (despite a solo HR from Victor Martinez) and then almost looked gassed already in the third. I would wager that even he wasn't sure bringing him back out for the 4th was the most intelligent way to go about things, though the Sox throwing up 6 runs in the bottom of that inning might've made that decision a little easier.

However, from the 4th-7th, it was kind of what we've seen from Schilling when he's been at his best the last two years: nearly mistake-free pitching despite a FB living in the high 80s and low 90s. He ended the night allowing 2 earned on 6 hits over 7 innings, while striking out 5.

The way the Indians long reliever tonight held down the Sox for 4 2/3 was no Laffeying matter either, though he eventually gave way to jumpin' Joe Borowski, who allowed 2 earned on 3 hits and 2 BB before finally getting out of the 8th, leading to a final score of 12-2, Red Sox.

Game 7 tomorrow. Be there (y'know, at least at the TV.)