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ALDS Roster Announced.

...earlier this afternoon, via Extra Bases.

  • Pitchers (10):
    Becks, Dice-BB, Schill, Lester, Paps, Gagne, Oki, Timlin, MDC, J-Lo
  • Catchers (3):
    'Tek, Belli, Cash
  • Infielders (6):
    Youks, PedRoYa, Lugo, Lowell, Cora, Hinske (may also serve as OF and horrible PH option)
  • Outfielders (5):
    Crisp, Drew, "Being", Yagoboy, Kielty
  • Players who led the AL in OBP (1):
More is going to be made of leaving Wake off the roster than should be. Maybe I'm the only one, but if ([censored] forbid) one of our starters got injured, I'm more confident in Lester lately than I am in Wake. And if we're down by a lot for some reason in a game and want to preserve that day's starter, it really doesn't matter who does the cleanup.

If having three catchers seems redundant and unneccessary (especially with no knuckler), well, then, welcome to the world. Neither Belli nor Cash should see a start with all the days of rest. Consider this a vote of confidence in Belli's offensive "abilities" (Cash, afaik, is completely healthy) and also concern that Belli is not 100%.

Nickname suggestion, let me know what you think in the comments. Bobby Kielty was known as Ronnie Mac in Oakland due to his long and striking red hair, resembling Ronald McDonald. I say we call him B.K., both a reference to his initials and to Burger King. We could have that creepy guy from the commercials follow him around the dugout and clubhouse. This could really work.