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Beckett, despite intense Cleveland mindgames, forces Game 6.

Josh Beckett, pictured, was clearly bothered by Cleveland's clever choice of anthem singer, but was somehow able to strike out 11 while allowing only 7 baserunners over 8 innings.

Getty Images/Gregory Shamus

Absolutely superb. Josh Beckett clearly feels his WS MVP trophy is a little lonely on the mantle. After a dicey 1st in which he escaped partly due to a non-RBI DP off the bat of Travis Hafner, Becks gave a clinic on pitching, being efficient while also striking out hitters, and almost got an opportunity to teach Kenny Lofton some humility in the process.

The offense finally looked like the offense all season long. Working counts and generally wearing out C.C. Sabathia with a number of great ABs and getting 14 baserunners against him over 6+ innings.

Indians setup man Rafael Betancourt was good in following Sabathia, only allowing one inherited runner to score on a SF. Those that followed were not so effective, with Rafael Perez allowing 3 runs (1 earned) and Tom Mastny allowing all 3 runners he inherited to score during the Sox's 3-run 8th inning.

The ALCS swings back to Boston with Curt Schilling on the hill in another do-or-die game. Aside from allowing Becks to borrow someone else's ligaments for a night, I know you nor I would have it any other way.