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ALCS Game III: Sox down, 2-1, but not out.

'Tek shows signs of life with a 2-run HR in the 7th inning.
(Getty Images/Elsa)

Not sure whether this loss is easier to take than Game 2. I felt like, entering, that we had the pitching matchup.

A tip of the cap to Jake Westbrook, who aside from the aforedisplayed HR, pitched about as well as a GB pitcher who doesn't K a lot of batters can pitch. In addition, Jensen Lewis and Rafael Betancourt were solid for Cleveland.

The strike zone tonight was absolutely comical. It probably ended up evening out in terms of which teams it benefited, but it was absolutely unpredictable. sdkramer provided a graphic representation of the strike zone during the GT.

The 'pen? Outstanding. I'm not sure I could describe it well enough, but they were phenomenal. Timlin did his usual thing, Oki's stuff looked good, and MDC blew 95 MPH FB after 95 MPH FB in striking out the last two Indians in the 8th.

Other positives? Um, did I mention 'Tek? Also, no one wet themselves on national television, so that has to be considered a positive.

On the Beckett issue. I like Tito taking the hard line on this. I think if he's well enough to throw tomorrow it gives us an excellent chance to win, but throwing Wake tomorrow and Beckett against C.C. gives us the best chance of winning both of the next two.

I gave my thoughts in the game thread. My optimism is waning a little bit. I'm afraid that everyone but DP (agonizingly aggressive most of the series thusfar) will be sitting back and waiting for walks that will never come from Byrd. This is a guy who has unspectacular stuff and throws strikes. Get yourself a favorable count if possible, but don't sit and wait.

However, I have some optimism. It's not like our team hired Dusty Baker or anything.