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GT: ALCS Game III: Cleveland Does Not, in fact, Rock.

Since Randy is too busy with his burgeoning radio career, I guess I'll get this one started. :)

Dice-BB Matsuzaka v. Jake Westbrook.

Lineups. No surprises on our side.


  • DP, 2b
  • Youks, 1b
  • Papi, dh
  • "Being", "lf"
  • Lowell, 3B!
  • Drew, rf
  • 'Tek, c
  • Crisp, cf
  • Lugo, ss
  • Sizemore, cf
  • Cabrera, 2b
  • Hafner, dh
  • Martinez, c
  • Garko, "1b"
  • Prealta, ss
  • Lofton, lf
  • Sox-killa, rf
  • BlaKe, 3b
Gametime: 7 Eastern.
  • The only Sock with more than 20 PAs against Westbrook hasn't fared well: Julio Lugo: .641 OPS in 26 PAs.
  • For pre-game chatter: How about this story? It's a couple days old, but interesting nonetheless. I say: Depending on his salary requirements, bring him back if Timlin retires. What do you say?