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Youkilis ponders on the game

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The lovable blog YOOOOOUUUUUUUK is getting some action as of late. Kevin Youkilis writes about last nights extremely ugly game:

Was this a tough loss? Sure it was. But you can't dwell on it. It was just a bad inning, and you just move on. You can't worry about the past. This is the playoffs. You can't worry about what you did in your last at-bat or your last time on the mound. That's the wrong philosophy. You just have to put it all aside and give it all you've got when you go out there on the field the next day.


It's 1-1, but I think we're looking real good. We have full confidence in all our pitchers and our ability to win. This one just got away from us. We could have easily won this game. Now we just move on. It looks bad on paper, the score, but we were one swing away from winning.

Way to keep your head up, Youk. That's what every member of the Red Sox needs to do right now. Let's put this game out of our minds by kicking up the offense and pummelling Jake Westbrook and Paul Byrd.