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Open Thread - ALCS Game 2: Indians @ Red Sox, 8:00 p.m. EST

Here we go again. Curt Schilling gets a bump in the rotation allowing him to toe the rubber for tonight's match-up. He's going to have one heck of a challenge tonight, though. The Indians send out Fausto Carmona, the Darth Vader of Major League Baseball.

Here are the lineups. No surprises here. JD Drew earns the start after sitting the beginning of yesterday's game.

Red Sox: Indians: Pedroia, 2b Sizemore, cf Youkilis, 1b Cabrera, 2b Ortiz, dh Hafner, dh Ramirez, lf Martinez, c Lowell, 3b Garko, 1b Drew, rf Peralta, ss Varitek, c Lofton, lf Crisp, cf Gutierrez, rf Lugo, ss Blake, 3b
Let's get the open thread rockin' for tonight's game. The Sox are going to need the good mojo to battle that nasty sinker...