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Halos Heaven: sore West Coast losers?

Halos Heaven, for no reason at all, decided to put up an article from May that says, as Rev Halofan writes, "Big Papi admits he may have been on the juice."

This story is from MAY and the worldwide leader buried (casually, and without comment) the shockingly cynical "confession" 8 paragraphs down the page, wrapped in a non-story about Curt Schilling.

ESPN's stock would precipitously drop if Papi, Manny, Jeter or A-Rod were found to have joozed, so anything even hinting of their non-immortality gets buried under the verbiage.

Give me a friggin' break. Where were these Angels fans back in May when the story came out? Oh wait. I forgot. They hadn't lost to the Red Sox in the ALDS yet in May. That's why all of a sudden we're hearing about this again. I think this is a case of Sore Loser Syndrome.

Maybe Bud Selig doesn't know about this story. Hey Rev, send a link over to the MLB so they can start an investigation. I'm sure they missed it the first time when it came out four months ago. If the investigation goes well, maybe it can be wrapped up in time for the ALCS to restart, Angels versus Indians!

Stop making excuses. Your team was good this season, but they lost. David Ortiz may have killed the Angels pitching staff over that three game span, but I'm sure it's not because of a shake he drank 15 years ago that may or may not have enhanced his performance.

Cry me a river, and go buy A-Rod.