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Open Thread - ALCS Game 1: Indians @ Red Sox, 7:00 p.m. EST

Here comes game one. In a much anticipated match-up between the 2007 American League Cy Young winner and the runner-up, the Red Sox get to do the honors first in Fenway Park. Josh Beckett looks to do exactly what he did against the Angels: no runs in nine innings. The Sox would like to see Indians' ace CC Sabathia do what he did last time out, too: 5.0 innings, three earned runs and six walks.

Here are the lineups:

Red Sox: Indians: Pedroia, 2b Sizemore, cf Youkilis, 1b Cabrera, 2b Ortiz, dh Hafner, dh Ramirez, lf Martinez, c Lowell, 3b Garko, 1b Kielty, rf Peralta, ss Varitek, c Lofton, lf Crisp, cf Gutierrez, rf Lugo, ss Blake, 3b
Pre-game links:
  • Jay from Lets Go Tribe has been blogging the post-season over at Esquire online. Here is their ALCS preview. Fair warning, though: they're both Indians fans.
  • This site will get a lot of hits today: Keep an eye on this one. Hopefully we can get every game without Mother Nature being a problem.
  • Jim from has a recap of the D-Backs loss last night. To say the least, it wasn't what he was expecting.
Feel free to drop some links in the comments and I'll get them onto the main post. Go Sox!