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Red Sox, Indians position-by-position breakdown

Sean McAdam from the Providence Journal put together a fantastic position-by-position breakdown for tonight's game.

Basically, it breaks down like this:

1st Base: Red Sox 2nd Base: Red Sox Shortstop: Indians 3rd Base: Red Sox Left Field: Red Sox Center Field: Indians Right Field: Even Designated Hitter: Red Sox Catcher: Indians Bench: Even Starting Pitching: Indians Bullpen: Red Sox Manager: Red Sox
I can't really argue with him anywhere here. Right field would really be a toss-up, considering they're basically exact opposites of each other. The bench, however, I might give the slight advantage towards the Sox just for Ellsbury's complete package and Cora's intelligence.

Of course, baseball games aren't played on paper. The Sox could sweep all these categories and then get swept in the series, so these match-ups really don't mean anything. But it's still kind of interesting to see where players stand with one another.