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Wakefield added to ALCS roster

As expected, Tim Wakefield was added to the ALCS roster. To make room, catcher Kevin Cash was dropped.

I read some comments here that said something along the lines of: "I want him to pitch, but I don't want him to pitch." I kind of feel the same way. I love Wake and what he means to this team, but it's just a crapshoot whenever he's on the mound. He could be amazing or amazingly horrible.

Now here's something else to bop around in your mind: should the Red Sox try using Wakefield out of the 'pen? Of course, it might be a no-brainer because we don't want Doug Mirabelli behind the plate late in the game, but imagine what he could do with 3 innings of a knuckleball? That might kill the Indians, especially if it goes from Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, or Curt Schilling to Wake's knuckle.