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A new view on Sox fans

I think everyone here needs to check out the latest post at Let's Go Tribe where Jay tries to set Indian fans straight regarding us Sox fans:

I've had enough of the troll atmosphere. I spent enough time indulging them and not enough time banning them, and I won't spend one more minute baiting the opposition. For one thing, it's a lousy way to spend October, and for another thing, Red Sox fans are just not worthy of that kind of treatment. I know there's been some discussion here about hating the Red Sox and their fans as much as or more than the Yankees and their fans. Let me be real clear about this: It's not even a close call.


You'd be a totally insufferable son of a bitch, that's what you'd be. Yes, you would. So have a heart. Anyway, have you talked to any of those guys since 2004? They're teddy bears now. Laid back. They still root for the Sox, still follow them closely, but the bitterness is all gone. Those aren't the Red Sox fans who've been irritating you for the last couple years.

I think Jay is pretty accurate in his post. But I'd like to throw it out to OTM readers and the rest of Red Sox Nation to do the same.

I'll be the first to defend the OTM community because I really feel strongly about everyone that contributes here. The readers at LGT didn't exactly pin-point us (meaning, OTM), so that's a plus.

But I'd like for Sox fans to check out LGT and have some good banter back and forth. I'm not asking for trolling -- I'm asking for great baseball talk, like always here at OTM.