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Mariano Rivera to test free agency

Looks like ol' fruit bat is going to test the market this off-season:

Rivera indicated Monday night that he intends to test the market. Rivera, who has been a mainstay in the late innings for the Yankees since their storied run of four World Series titles in five years began in 1996, lobbied for an extension in spring training but was rebuffed.

"They had the opportunities and they didn't do nothing with me," Rivera said, according to the Star-Ledger of Newark. "So we'll see what happens. ... This is a business. Nothing against the New York Yankees.

"They figured it was the best for the team and I'm OK with it. ... We'll see what happens. But I would never hold anything against [the Yankees]."

I'm not sure what teams are going to be interested in Rivera. Maybe a National League squad that can spend a little bit of money? I don't think Rivera deserves $15 million a year (exaggerated number) but with the market nowadays he could really rake in a lot of money after a sub-par year.

The question, however, is what he gets paid for. His 2007 performance, or everything prior to that?

Any takers for a set-up man?