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New Features and a Special Project.

We're going to be starting some new features here on OTM in the next couple weeks, so sit tight and enjoy the ride. One will be revealed right after this post. The others are very exciting secrets, some of which even Randy and I don't know about.

The special project is this: Brian Martin, of Friendly Fenway has the idea of creating a top 100 Red Sox players list of all-time. The ambitious part is that he wants to have as many Red Sox bloggers and readers of Red Sox blogs contributing as possible. It's a bold idea to be sure, and one that Randy and I are backing 100%. Having a comprehensive list will certainly be interesting, and possibly contentious.

Either way, if you're interested, you can e-mail Brian at 100greatestsox @ (no spaces). Let him know what you'd like to help with (ideas for selections, particular players you'd like to write short articles about, how much you would be able to contribute, what kind of foods you think he should be eating for breakfast, etc.). We haven't figured out the format yet for OTM, but all the articles will appear in some form (linked or full-text) here, so look for those to start appearing in the relatively near-future.

On another note, consider this an open thread where you can give your input on what would make OTM better. As I said, Randy and I are working hard (as much as 14 minutes a day) to make some new and exciting features for Over The Monster, but maybe there are some things in particular you would like to see. No ideas will be laughed at immediately, though some might be laughed at after a delay.