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Poll Results: In-House Closer

I have to say that this poll was extremely close:

Craig Hansen (26%) is the winner, but by only 10 votes over Brendan Donnelly (16%). Manny Delcarmen (15%) was close also, but he faded a little bit over the last 20 or so votes. Julian Tavarez (14%) even received 15 votes for himself.

Devern Hansack (9%) is the surprise in this group. He received 10 votes despite barely even being known before September last year. I think a lot of oeople expect a lot of Hansack after seeing him last season, but I don't think we should get our hopes up about him. He could come back and do the same thing in 2007 or he could fall off the map into the same place he was in August.

Even JC Romero (2%) and Hideki Okajima (7%) even got a few votes. However, I feel a couple of those (along with a chunk of Tavarez's) are from our buddies a couple states over: Yankee fans.