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What Do We Have Left In The Fridge? Hitter Edition.

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First of all, appreciate the responses/corrections to my information on the last post on this subject. I hope I wasn't coming across as advocating any of those guys as being absolute solutions to our problems: simply as guys worthy of being extended a non-guaranteed contract with incentive bonuses.

Today, let's move onto the remaining hitters. These are certainly going to be weighted significantly by position: We don't really need a LF, SS, 1B, 3B, DH or starting C. There aren't really any CF available, assuming we would want to sign one anyway (We don't). There's been some question as to whether Pedroia is ready for the starting role (read Randy's post below for some information on this), and that's perfectly fair. He has not proven himself. On to the list.

Ronnie Belliard

It seemed like just Thursday that Ronnie had company on the list of former starting 2B without jobs. I suppose that last statement is true. Nonetheless, he's out there. What would we get with Ronnie? If you believe this scouting report he would be above average both offensively and defensively. I tend to think there's some question as to his defense, and with his body type, he could wear down fast. I could see the Sox signing him to a contract like the one we gave A-Gon last season: Make Pedroia push for the role, turn Belliard loose to catch on with another team if Pedroia seems ready. I kind of like the idea, though regular OTM readers know I'm very big on Pedroia.

Chances he signs with us: Lets say 40%, because he might look for more of a guaranteed spot.

Trot Nixon

How could I leave the ultimate dirt dog off the list? He's still available: last word I saw had the A's, Phillies and the Orioles kicking the tires. The A's could potentially still use him, but the O's probably have a big enough logjam at 1B/corner OF/DH at this point. Plus, how much would it piss Payton off to lose PT to Trot again, while both are on another team? Guys, JD Drew may or may not end up being signed, may end up being a figment of our imaginations. Corner OF options should be explored after a month of no news, even if in only a cursory fashion.

Chances he signs with us: 20%. I think he ends up with the A's. I could root for him as an Athletic.

Bernie Williams

You read that right. Bernie is being declared all but dead in Yankee Blogging Circles. Aside from one incident last season, he's always been a class act, though baseball seems a second love to his "music". This would kind of be a way for us to simply trump the Yankees. You want our soon-to-break-down CF? We'll take yours that's ALREADY broken-down.

Chances he signs with us: 0% I was kind of kidding.

Shannon Stewart

I think I remember someone suggesting the Sox sign this guy earlier in the offseason. I may have lambasted whoever it was. Feel free to throw it right back at me now. If Stewart wants to play next season, you'd better believe that he'll have to sign a mL contract and prove himself. I suppose the Marlins might think he could have the range to play their CF (note to Marlins: he can't.). Stewart has been an overrated player since (before) he left Toronto. Evidence? Check out two of the players he finished ahead of in the MVP balloting in 2003. And that's just me making those comparisons as a homer.

Chances he signs with us: 10%. His OBP over his career has been okay, and he's been an above-average corner OF defensively most of his career.

Sal Fasano

Porn stache'. All right, that's all I've got.

Chances he signs with us: 0% for the player, but let's hope the stache is trying for his own contract: 100%.

Jose Reyes

Don't get that excited. It's not this one, it's this one. He's "defensively-minded". Think of him like Ken Huckaby but over a decade younger. Not exciting at all. If we've got room on the farm (surely he has higher potential than Corky Miller at this point?), I'd like to see the Sox take him with a mL contract.

Chances he signs with us: Let's say 25%, while acknowledging that he'll probably never hit.

Preston Wilson? Michael Tucker? Damon Hollins?

No, no, and no obviously. These three individuals are why the last part of the off-season is so boring. Check the rotoworld sidebar people, the last two stories as of now are about Javy Lopez. JAVY LOPEZ! The Rockies can't even stash him at DH when they realize he can't catch (anymore). Ridiculous.

Final thoughts:

  • I've not been accused yet of using these partly as vehicles for my schtick. Go ahead. I won't deny it.
  • Belliard actually seems a strong possiblity to be brought on to compete for the 2B job, at least in my head. Anyone who has information on rumors involving Belliard, let us all know.
  • We really couldn't have extended an offer to this gentleman? He costs less than Pineiro, and he had a few decent years with the Braves before requiring elbow surgery.
  • Sandy Alomar Jr. should probably retire.
  • Look for a new Know Thine Enemy on Monday night or Tuesday during the day (maybe earlier, if all bribes are turned in before then). Answer the poll. Go Patriots.