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Deal or No Deal?

  • The Houston Astros? Unless Biggio is planning on retiring at exactly 3,000 hits (should be sometime in early-mid July next season), this doesn't make a whole lot of sense for either party. It also means that Chris Burke should be prepared to play almost his entire season in the outfield. Good luck to Loretta, and I suppose he'll probably see more PT behind Biggio than he would've behind Brandon Phillips in Cincinatti or Ian Kinsler in Texas.
  • RJ deal is all but done. He and Clemens don't get along, so I suppose this makes it more likely that he ends up in NY than it was, say, a couple weeks ago. The Yanks aren't getting anyone on the level of Humberto Sanchez, but they all look like they could contribute, at least as throw-ins in another deal. This guy in particular will probably not see more than a cup of coffee in the Bronx. I think they already have a SS, and I hear Gonzalez has no cologne aspirations whatsoever. I'm still upset that the NYY are getting away without paying the D-Backs any money of significance. Source: MLB Trade Rumors
  • Unfortunately for us, this will make it much more likely that Giambi sees no PT defensively at 1B. Giambi's so good at turning singles or outs into much more. I'm kind of ambivalent about the signing. Sure Mientkiewicz was part of the WS team in 2004, but he certainly didn't do a lot to endear us to him after he left. College fund indeed.
  • Done and done. I'm going to miss Foulke. It'll be hard to root against him in an Indians uniform, unless he's pitching against us. Mark the 28-30 of May on your calendars folks. It'll be interesting to see what kind of reaction he gets from the crowd at Fenway. I'm sure this guy will have a strong opinion about it.