Helton to Red Sox?

6 years left at $15M/year is a looong contract for a 33-year-old with back issues.  Apparently, the Sox would want to throw Clement into any deal -- amp;action=login& 2744952%26name%3dolney_buster%26CMP%3dILC-INHEAD, and the Rockies apparently would want Hansen &/or Delcarmen as well.  

But would his acquisition make the Sox a better club?  It depends on whether he's healthy, and how inflated his numbers have been due to playing in Colorado.  While Helton has been one of the most productive players in baseball, he hasn't hit more than 20 homers in either of the past two seasons despite playing in Colorado, and the power outage can be attributed at least partly to his bad back.  He's a 3-time gold glover, but Youk was solid at first, and of course Lowell was fantastic at third, so it's not clear how much of an upgrade he'd be defensively.  

So I guess I'd say that it probably wouldn't be the right move, regardless of how little we'd have to give up.  Now if he could be a lights-out closer....