Ticket Day 2K7: It's a mad, mad, mad world...

I want to wish everyone good luck on this Red Sox Ticket Day, 2K7.

I'm fortunate to be going to see the Sox battle the Braves, Indians, 'Jays, and Other Sox. I like the Sox' new policy of 8 tickets per fan, rather than 2 games per fan.

I lucked right into an open space at precisely 10:00am EDT. I had an infamous Virtual Waiting Room open already, but I sweeped right in with a timely click. Who knew it mattered? I didn't.

Unfortunately, I lost my 1st batch of tickets because the server was too darn slow to process my order in the lotted 3.5 minute time limit. What crap! No doubt thanks to good Karma, my browser's "back" button prevented me from having to open more virtual waiting rooms, and I was able to reserve new, almost-as-good tickets.

I now have a few VWR windows open to try to help my computerly-challenged parents get tickets.