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Question of the Day, 26 January 2007.

Things kids, things. Some big news yesterday, and I DO mean Kevin Cash. This was important for the Sox. I don't see why he doesn't already have Tek or Belli's roster slot. (He's man and catcher enough to have both).

We've done these from time to time and a bit spread-out, but I think it's high...umm...time, that we have a front-page story devoted to it, especially now that we can go ahead and pencil Cash in for sure(that sure was a long drawn-out process to sign him, eh?).

The question today, is Red Sox lineups(for 2007). Post as many as you like. Ideal, actual, worst-case, unorthodox, against LHP or RHP, etc. If you think Ed Rogers is going to impress this spring and make the roster, say so. If you think Delcarmen is going to lose his curveball but develop patience at the plate, say that(and prepare to be mocked). Throw down everyone. As always, have a great day, and allow any research you do on this topic to take away a lot of your time at work.