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"Those other teams aren't still making moves, are they?"

Bullets, bullets, bullets.

  • Rudy Seanez signs with the Dodgers.. This news is like a day-old donut. Well, at least in the fact that it's a day-old. What's to say? At least it's a MiL deal. That way, if he sucks, they can just stash him in AAA. On the other hand, if he sucks, they can just stash him in AAA. ...hmm. The Dodgers' AAA team is in Las Vegas. The UFC is based in Las Vegas. This seems too good to be true.
  • Tomo Ohka signs with the Jays. One-year deal, and the Tomo Ohka Watch is over before it began. I like this for the Jays. Ohka's agent says this: Ohka turned down a pair of two-year offers to sign with Toronto, in hopes of re-establishing his value and signing another deal with the Blue Jays or going back out on the market as a free agent next winter. If I'm trying to re-establish my value, I'm going to try to steer clear of the Yankee and Red Sox lineups as much as possible. That's just me. Either way, he and John Thomson should collectively make up for the lost production of Ted Lilly and last season's "production" from Josh Towers. HT: jsnvaritek33
  • Darin Erstad is a White Sox, pending physical. They describe Erstad as "another productive bat" in the same article that notes his .221 BA last season. Either way, if he's healthy, Erstad should be a decent-to-good fourth OF/backup 1B for the Sox. Also, however, is the potential that Jermaine Dye may need to hit 8,346 HRs next season in order to make up for the lack of power from his brethren in the outfield.
  • I was going to talk about the slightly confusing trade of Kirk Saarloos, but instead, Mark Bellhorn!. If you can plow through the praise for Saarloos' ground-ball tendencies, you'll note that Bellhorn has a MiL contract with invite to compete for the backup infielder position. Ladies and gentlemen, Wayne Krivsky: "[Bellhorn's] played a little of the outfield, too," Wow. Krivsky really does his homework, because you could blink through his b-r page and miss his 22 innings of OF play, with his 2 total chances coming in Colorado in 2003. I don't think Bellhorn's chances are too good: As far as the Reds' roster goes, there'll be three catchers. There'll be three catchers. There'll be three catch... Anyway, it's quite a crunch, with superstars like Jeff Conine, Juan Castro, and Jeff Keppinger in his way (not to mention Bubba Crosby blocking another potential 2 chances in CF).