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Question of the Day, 22 January 2007.

First, a bit of an off-topic rant. Do curses exist? Maybe. I don't know if I really believe in them. However, if you turn on your TV to ESPN in the next couple weeks, there'll be a lot of talk about the Colts having exorcised their demons. Whether you're a Patriots fan, a Colts fan, or ambivalent to either team, I think we can all agree that until they win the Super Bowl, they'll still have this monkey on their back. That being said, Go Bears.

In light of a recent departure...

...I thought today would be a good day for our memories. What is/are your favorite Red Sox(non-2004, I'm never without limitations, eh?) memories?

To get you thinking: I'm not just talking about games, I suppose. A player signing that meant a lot, a meeting in your youth with your favorite player, etc. That being said, certainly game moments are welcome. Looking forward to it everyone.