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Monday, Monday, Monday...

Not much in the world of Red Sox news, other than many in the Nation returning after a brief departure to the world of the NFL.

No terribly interesting news to report in Ian Browne's mailbag. If you caught it earlier in the day, you'll know that Clement was mistakenly credited with a 2.61 ERA last season rather than the real number of 6.61. The comparison of Clement's surgery to the surgery Drew Brees had is interesting. I'm sure the surgeries are indeed similar, but the size of their...intestinal fortitude(s) is a different matter entirely.

Also not news, but Brian Smith of has been doing a top 75 prospect list for Bucholz and Ellsbury both make the top 45, though there is no mention of Ellsbury's defense (which seems to be the best and most polished of his tools). Others: Pedroia (68), Bowden (66), and Bard with an honorable mention. Top 15 has not been released(tomorrow), but it's doubtful a Sox prospect ranked higher than either Bucholz or Ellsbury.

Other teams are making potentially non-impact moves, so let's take a look:

  • WINNERS? Rockies! I've been public in my non-ambivalence towards the Brian Lawrence sweepstakes. After all that, he only got $750K guaranteed? With that many teams involved, I would think he'd be able to steal a million or two. He's probably as good a bet as Jason Marquis, for a fraction of the price. Decent pick-up, poor overbloated media coverage. Also, consider "Tomo Ohka Watch 2007" officially on.
  • C'mon Twins, you're better than this. I guess every team could use a Carlos Silva-type. The Twins just already have him. Prediction: "Veteran presence" will be the most glowing and accurate compliment given to Ortiz this season.
  • Cubs sign always-healthy outfielder. If completed, I'm not sure what this deal means for Matt Murton, or Alfonso Soriano, or (trickling-down a bit) Mark DeRosa. Logic suggests that Floyd's sterling medical history will make this a non-issue. However, it may mean that the Cubs have a taker for Jacque Jones, who's still a fine complimentary player in a corner OF spot.