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OTM's Top 20 Red Sox Prospects: #17 Caleb Clay

Name: Caleb Clay
Age: 18
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180
B/T: Right/Right
POS: Pitcher
Draft: 1st round, '06
Projected '07 team: Lowell (A-)
ETA: 2010

You can't get more raw than Caleb Clay. At just 18-years-old, Clay was drafted in the first round last year and has yet to throw a pitch in the Red Sox organization.

Clay had a strong year pitching in Alabama, notching 86 innings and 112 strikeouts. His ERA at the end of the season was a mere 1.29.

A little more on what he's packing in the arm:

During the summer before Clay's senior season, he put in more time and effort training than ever before and it showed this season.

"The fastball took a major jump over last season," said Cullman coach Bryan Bowen. "His fastball went from 88-to-94 miles per hour. He has worked extremely hard in the weight room and on the bands. His throwing schedule that he created for himself really helped him become dominant."

As of now, Clay's three stronghold pitches are the fastball, curveball and slider. But according to Matthews, he has the potential to have a four pitch repertoire at the next level.

"He has a great fastball and commanded his secondary stuff," Matthews said. "He could develop into a complete pitcher with good stuff and has a shot to end up in the majors one day."

He's a pitcher that needs some time to develop, that's for sure. Unlike guys like Daniel Bard and Bryce Cox, he's going to need a lot of seasoning in the minor leagues. It's important to remember that he was drafted straight out of high school, unlike the aforementioned players. Clay was actually converted from an outfielder during his high school days.

This is straight from his profile:

I am quietly competitive in just about everything i do. i dunno if that is good or not??..but i am a Cristian and try to live for Jesus Christ. I am shy sometimes if i dont know you very well. I thank God for the people he has surrounded me with. I also want to thank God for blessing me with the athletic talent he has given me. I try to be a man built for others. Other than that i am laid back and like to laugh and just have a great time and not put me or other people in uncomfortable situations. I like to see athletes compete the right way and play hard.
He sounds like a great guy. Let's hope it translates to the mound.