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Dodge the Bullets.

Here we go:

  • A little late on this, but the Red Sox signed Runelvys Hernandez to a mL contract + invite. Low-risk/high-reward. Not much to get excited about, pat ourselves on the back, or berate here. Runelvys has talent (when I read the scouting report on, his repetoire makes me think of Delcarmen). He'll be looking for a spot as a middle reliever in ST. Competition is good. I'm not expecting a lot, however.
  • If you've read the news on the rotoworld sidebar, you'll know that David Murphy has been adding muscle this off-season. Hope he's been doing it the safe way, rather than this way, or this way. Just kidding kids: spinach is good for you. This is good news for us. Either he'll be a quality 4th or 5th OF for us (depending on J.D. Drew's status), with good defense and improved power, or this'll give him more value in a trade.
  • You've seen the news about potential Randy Johnson trades, now read it here last. One of the great role models of the sport may be leaving NY. Who's going to be easy to hate for moral reasons on that team, with RJ and Sheffield out of town? Sure there's Giambi, I suppose. Just makes me nostalgic for the times when it seemed as likely the Yankees would brawl each other on the field as they would another team. Anyway, the Diamondbacks appear to be the front-runners, and why not? They have a well-stocked minor league system and could have use for a veteran starter. However, if the Yankees don't foot the entire bill, they probably deserve a utility infielder and a backup catcher with a surly attitude in return.
  • In JD Drew news:
  • Finally, I hope everyone had a good and safe time for New Year's, I know I did. Let's look forward to 2007, because there's a lot about 2006 I'd like to forget as far as the Sox are concerned.