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Major League News.

Elijah Dukes in the news for negative reasons again. Yawn.

Rangers near MiL deal with Sammy Sosa. Low-risk and all that, but do they really want this guy (and the media circus that would/could follow him) taking time and ABs from Jason Botts? I'm guessing best-case for Sosa is that his production will be roughly equivalent, and Botts is already on the 40-man. Reactions from LSB.

Arbitration figures exchanged. The Cubs and Carlos Zambrano have some disagreement over his value. Cubs offer? $11M and change. Zambrano's figure? $15.5M. It's pretty simple, but Cubs, don't go to arbitration. #1, he's probably going to win. #2, he deserves closer to $15.5M, especially in light of Zito's contract. #3, he could make a decision about a hometown discount in negotiations on a long-term contract based on this potential compromise or hearing.

ASG announcements. Yankee Stadium in '08, St. Louis in '09. Good for YS, one last hurrah before it is thankfully demolished. St. Louis? Brand new and nice park, fine. I wouldn't mind seeing MLB make a committment to one or both of the Florida teams and award them an ASG in hopes of boosting overall ticket sales.

Plenty of competition over the services of one Brian Lawrence. Brian and I have something in common. We both threw zero ML innings last season.