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Sox in Search of Veteran Outfielder

Nick Cafardo in today's Globe:

David Murphy appears to have a chance to stick, but the Sox are going to offer a veteran outfielder a minor league contract and spring training invite. There are a few free agent outfielders left on the market, but players such as Trot Nixon, Preston Wilson, Darin Erstad, Shannon Stewart, and Jeromy Burnitz probably will receive major league deals.

Does Alex Ochoa fit the mold? I'm not so confident in that but Ochoa could serve valuable if there are injuries in the outfield. Still, though, if Jacoby Ellsbury starts the year at Pawtucket and the injurys aren't too early in the season, Ellsbury would be the likely call up.

So who would the Sox grab? Looks like our favorite Dirt Dog Trot Nixon isn't in the equation, unfortunately. I think he'd be valuable off the bench against right-handed pitchers. He's a career .292 hitter against righties.

Preston Wilson would be a nice power bat off the bench, but we already have one of those named Wily. Wilson would be valuable against lefties if he started on the bench.

Other than that, who's available? I don't think the Sox will sign anyone because they may be satisfied with Ochoa. Ochoa was a strong player in Japan, batting .283/.350/.445 in four seasons.