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Goodbye, Rodrigo!

Source: Camden Chat
Adios. Sayonara. Adieu. Get the hell out of the American League, Rodrigo Lopez.

Lopez was traded to the Colorado Rockies on Friday for minor league pitchers Jim Miller and Jason Burch. That means the "Red Sox Killer" is gone. No longer can he throw random, spectacular games against the Sox. No longer can he bring his 7+ ERA to Fenway Park and pitch a near no-hitter.

Here are 2004 and 2005 stats Lopez had against the Sox:

Year    GP      W       L       IP      ERA     (Season-Ending ERA)
2004    7       3       1       30.1    1.78    (3.59)
2005    5       2       2       32.1    3.90    (4.90)
Everyone's happy about it. I'm happy. Other Sox fans are happy. Scott from Camden Chat is extremely happy. Even Rox Girl from Purple Row is happy about the trade...

Actually, no. I take that back. She's pretty upset about it. I would be too if I were her.

Now what are the odds we face Lopez come June 12-14?