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The One Where I Link To News So I Don't Have To Write So Much.

Positives and Negatives Edition:


  • Barry Bonds tested positive for amphetamines. This is like finding out your friend, who has shoplifted from Macy's, decided to steal a pack of gum from the gas station down the street. Moving on. Not quite yet. Always important to blame it on someone else.
  • Come on Dontrelle. Everyone but you knows you were drunk. Do your community service hours (like he doesn't do them anyway) so we can all forget about this. Presumably there could be a plea-bargain in his future. Oh yeah, Dontrelle? Go ahead and hire yourself a driver for awhile.
  • Unless you're not a fan of the Cardinals, I don't know what there is to like about this move. Sure he could rebound and be a quality ML starter again. So could Rick Helling or someone else whose name wouldn't require at least $6M/yr. And he'll almost certainly miss the first half of the season. Tsk tsk. Not sure why there was so much competition over this guy.
  • He probably shouldn't be managing anymore, but Frank Robinson's wealth of experience surely means he has something to offer a ballclub.